Joint Planning and Zoning Commission and City Council Workshop #1

We held the first of two Joint Norwalk Planning and Zoning Commission and Norwalk City Council Planning Workshops yesterday evening. I believe it was great meeting and we spent a good deal of time discussing Planning and Zoning Commission’s and City Council’s expectations for the planning process and the 2020 Comprehensive Plan. The two groups also collaborated to help us continue our SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats) Analysis that we started last month with the Plan Steering Committee and will continue building over the coming months through numerous public engagement activities. Below and on the “Meeting Presentations” page of this site you will find a PDF of the Presentation slides from today’s meeting for review.

Again, if you have not already please take a minute and check out the online engagement tools we’ve launched as part this Comprehensive Planning process HERE on the “Engagement Tools” page!

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-Chris Janson, MSA

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