Norwalk’s Draft Future Land Use Map is Available for Review!

The City of Norwalk is currently working to update the community’s 20-year plan for growth and success and is actively seeking your input!  Our planning effort seeks public feedback to assist with an update to the City’s current plan, last amended in 2016. We have created a short online narrative, called a Story Map from ESRI, that will walk you through an illustrated history of land use planning in Norwalk.

How can you get involved? The process of finalizing the Future Land Use Map for Norwalk’s Comprehensive Plan is driven by engaging the community the plan will serve. We need to hear from all of you! The Story Map, linked below and in the menu under Future Land Use Planning also offers you the opportunity to provide your thoughts on the Norwalk’s Draft 2040 Future Land Use Map, using an online crowdsource map. Your involvement will help the City plan where to grow and reinvest over the next 20 years!

https://storymaps.arcgis.com/stories/51d56aa239b741fdb17ac95dae5d25322040 Norwalk Future Land Use Plan (arcgis.com)

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